Sunday, March 18, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Teaser post

Hey there, true believers! No, we do not have a new tale of toddler terror for you, but we do have a bit of a teaser.....the Awkwards had quite the week last week. They went to the zoo, this place, a new pool, and numerous parks. The adult Awkwards actually went on a date and saw John Carter. As a result, Awkward Dad is in a full-on Burroughs binge. You have been warned. Unless you are into that kinda thing; then head on over!

They also weathered a tornado warning at a diner....meaning, they were in the diner while the tornadoes were outside someplace...not the other way around. It isn't like Storm hangs out with them and went all crazy under some evil mutant spell or anything cool like that. Fan boy (and girl) daydreams aside, this past week has been chockablock with adventures, awkwardness, and Gilded Age aliens. Don't miss a single upcoming post, dear Readers! They are gonna be marvelous....once Awkward Mom stops watching trailers on imdb and actually writes them!

Super Baby and Leia Monkey think you should tune in and hear all the details!

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