Monday, May 21, 2012

Awkward Mom and Timers

Just when you thought she couldn't get any more awkward....

OK. OK. I may have been playing the latest Her Interactive Nancy Drew game for the past 3 days straight. Readers, I am sooooooo close to finding the tomb! Yes, this is the 26th game they have put out, and yes, I have played all of them. And double yes, they are aimed at 10 year old girls. But Readers, ask me anything about Egyptology; I am like Wikipedia over here!

Now, don't you fear. I have dealt with these obsessive gamer days before and I have learned from experience. I have changed clothes since Saturday. My children are eating, and no, it isn't grapes and cheese sticks. I have made dinner every night! Well, technically Awkward Dad made dinner over the weekend, but people ate. It counts. I didn't blow off Super Preschooler's school today even though he asked if we could stay home and "help Nancy." I was tempted though, because that is ridiculously cute. All is functioning over here. Wanna know why? Mom secret, lazy housekeeper secret, procrastinator secret....the timer!

The timer: it's not just for time-outs anymore! I use the timer to reduce everything I have to do into tiny manageable 10 minutes sections. So much better than "Ugh, i have to clean the bathroom." Now, it is: "OK! Let's see how much of the bathroom I can clean in 10 minutes! And when I am done, let's see how much of this chocolate I can eat in 10 minutes!" Quite a lot, it seems....of the chocolate. The bathroom took a couple rounds.

I am timing my game play, so I don't get all wrapped up in pretending to be Nancy (how wonderful would that be, eh? My desire to be Nancy Drew will have to be another post altogether) and forget to change diapers, leave the house or, you know, bathe. Plus, it makes the game last longer. Readers, the timer is a miracle! Go get yourself one right now.

Looks like her "let's see if I can write a blog post in 10 minutes" is doable. Not particularly inspired, and definitely not edited, but hey, doable. By the way, we are pretty sure Awkward Mom knows that true gaming involves Diablo 3 and a case of Red Bull....pretty sure....Anyway, we'll be back to documenting truly awkward parenting just as soon as we decode this papyrus....check back later!

Baby mystery here, just perfection.


  1. I have the same time-consuming problem but with blogs' reading...I surely am addicted...

    1. Blogs are like that, I love peeking into people's lives...that sounds wrong, but you know what I mean. If blogs are your addiction, that isn't so bad!

  2. Omg. Timers AND video games? Are you my long-lost twin? I've been using a timer for years, because Flylady says "You can do anything for 15 minutes!" (I know, it's starting to sound like I'm in some kind of cult.) I do need to start setting a timer when I play Plants vs. Zombies, though. Major time-suck! :)

    1. Well, if we are long-lost twins, then you are probably the cool spunking California one who went with Dad and I am the stuck-up annoying one who went east with Mom. (Hey, not every day I get a good Parenttrap reference in!)

      I like Flylady but the emails were adding another chore for me...delete 324384789 emails a day; so I just use some of her stuff. As for Plants vs. Zombies; remind me to blog about the time Super P. told the visiting nurse that the peashooters were his favorite for making the zombie heads roll across the lawn....oh, and how much he loved the GraveEaters.... :)