Monday, May 14, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Home Sweet Home

After carting your children to every known Awkward relative in the Midwest, blithely disregarding naps, any sort of "quiet time," or bedtimes before 11pm, subsisting on milkshakes and cookies, and braving downtown traffic and 2 Chicago landmarks on a field trip day, feeding your children Combos for dinner in the back of a mini-van going 80 mph, just so you can finally get home, sleep in your own bed, and not have to answer "are we there yet?" one more time seems pretty darn sensible.

I am hoping to spend the next week seeing my children in positions other than these:

That and I intend to blog all about our whirlwind tour de family for you, dearest Readers! We have it all: toy trains, real trains, gardening with Grandma, sharks, jellyfish, exactly 1 Dora/Diego 3D movie that I am still recovering from, and more Awkward family members than you could shake a stick at! Not that you would want to shake a stick at them....hit them with a stick maybe....oh Readers, I jest! (sorta...) Anywho, let me get my bearings, find all the places that the Awkward cats threw up while we were gone, and do about 13 loads of laundry. Then I will be back to tell you all about it. Missed ya!


  1. Yay! Welcome home, sounds like fun adventures were had by all!

    1. Well, they were adventures..... :) Yes, it was fun, but it is nice to be home!