Sunday, May 27, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Excuses

She is gonna lay it on thick....just so you know.

Sigh. There are so many reasons why this blog post is a week late and why it will be comprised primarily of pictures. Many many reasons. Reasons and villains that I am just too tired to fight, let alone type about. Long nights, crazy children, and the sluggishness that descends on me whenever the temperature hits over 80 degrees. (I think hot weather is my kryptonite....well, hot weather and housework and maybe writing blog posts at 10pm when I would rather be eating chocolate and watching French comedies on Netflix.)

It isn't that I don't have things to say. I have loads of things to say. Not very interesting things, but things! Things like how Super Baby has reached that beautiful 6 month phase where she is sturdy enough to set on my hip and I no longer have nightmares about her gigantic head snapping her fragile little neck as she lolls it around, trying to watch her brothers romp. Brothers, who are in an adorable "super team-up" phase. Oh sure, they have spats, but spats that are resolved at the end of that comic book issue, not spats that produce spin-off issues or cataclysmic comic universe changes. Things like how the pool opens Tuesday and that I had to buy Super Baby a swimsuit and that there were more bikini options than a spring break on Key West. Many, many things. But the summer is long, I'll get to them. For right now, I am heading off to eat some candy and watch a movie about impossibly chic and skinny French people. Let's enjoy these photos I took of Super Baby after she rolled across the living room into the vacuum wire. Let's all note that I took the pictures of her before I removed her from the vacuum wire. Let's all not call DCFS. Enjoy:

Why yes, I was thinking of putting this in my mouth. Is that a problem?

Silly Mommy! How could something so delicious-looking be dangerous?

What a fun summer we are gonna have, now that I am on the move!

Yeah....I don't get her either. But I am sure she'll run out of candy at some point and actually blog about something. Summer is always a cornucopia of awkward moments; even the most uninspired of us (cough Awkward Mom cough)should be able to come up with a tale or two. Maybe if we are really lucky, she'll get her act together and explain this photo:

Horse-awkward is always worth the wait!


  1. GUFFAW! Ok, what is with all the bikinis??? I had to search everywhere for a one-piece...for an 18-month old. Gag. This is far worse than ruffle-butt pants, IMO. Btw, I squealed at those pictures. Is it wrong to want to nibble those arms? I hope that doesn't sound creepy, as it's coming from a mommy and not a cannibal. :)

    1. I hope it isn't wrong because I really want to as well!!

      Baby bikinis are way worse than ruffle-butt pants, I agree, and is there something I can sign to rid the world of them? :)