Saturday, July 14, 2012

Awkward Mom and Marvelous Mom

If craftiness is a scale; Marvelous Mom is on one end and Awkward Mom is on the other. Sometimes team-ups are all about throwing very different superheros in a room and seeing what happens. Oh wait, that is every team-up. Ever.

So, I am gonna get that post of pickle-making to you super soon, but I want to make sure that your expectations are in the right place. I am no Marvelous Mom. Marvelous Mom is my oldest ally; we have been friends since we were 5 years old. (I suppose it is more accurate to say that she has put up with me since we were 5 years old.) She is the queen of crafts, and nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, scares her. She'll make a quilt despite not loving to sew. She'll bleach stuff with 4 boys running around her house. She'll make something called chalk paint, which, frankly, sounds horrifying. Even sand holds no sway over her; maybe I should have named her Fearless Mom. She fearlessly crafts, projects, handmakes, writes, photographs, and parents over here with her sister, Remarkable Mom, and her buddy, the Absolutely Fabulous Friend.

Marvelous Mom is the Swiss army knife member of your super-team. She'll gear up and float outside the spaceship to make a few welds, battle any villains she encounters out there, pop back inside to rock and calm the baby alien you all picked up on that latest mission, fly the ship to safety, and then make a delicious meal for everyone. She'd do is all standing on her head, but she isn't one to show off. There is nothing she can't do. She is, quite literally, marvelous. And I love her very much.

Marvelous Mom would never brag on herself. Luckily for all, she is friends with Awkward Mom and her super-powered big mouth. Check out Marvelous Mom's blog, you might even get inspired to be a little crafty-fearless yourself. If it can happen to Awkward Mom, it can happen to anyone.

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