Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Heat

Oh, Awkward Mom, really? You are gonna talk about the heat? In July? Could you be more boring or cliched? You could? OK...well, go ahead with the heat thing then; we sure don't want to see anything worse than that.

Readers, it is 102 degrees today and we don't have central air. Now, don't feel sorry for us. I adore our house; we have a window unit in the bedroom, plenty of ice, and ceiling fans capable of producing tornadoes. We have ways to stay cool. The fact that the children think it is an affront to their freedom to be confined to the bedroom is something I am dealing with, even as we speak, but still, don't you worry about us.

We have a car and can escape to many an air conditioned locale. And we are going to do so very soon, as I am sweating onto the keyboard as I write this. Oh, sorry. Are you OK over there? Well, to be fair, I didn't know that you were eating.

I am thinking of heading over to Excellent Mom's lair; as it is air conditioned and contains super cool stuff, like a million toy horses, fairy wings, and, most importantly, Excellent Toddler herself. We are gonna be fine, don't you worry about us. Not that you were.

Basically, this is my typically long-winded way of telling you that I am not going to sweat out the pickle post for you today. It is definitely coming soon, mostly because the pickles' deliciousness is starting to make me feel guilty about my lack of pickle posting. I want to pucker pickles without pondering potential posts, so please be patient, it will, potentially, be posted pretty soon. Until then, enjoy these precious photos of the supers posing:

While the outfit choice appears to be season dependant, mess-making clearly happens all year long.

That is one way to take on the Joker.

I am not really buying the whole goth vibe here, Super Baby. Maybe if you frowned a little?

We are off to cooler abodes; hope you are all feeling as cool as you are inside. Join us next time; we have the pickle post, promise! Plus we have been dealing with pool people, popcles preferances, and pee. Well, it can't always be pleasing Ps, can it? Pop on back soon!

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