Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. No

You guys know that part in "Singin' in the Rain" when the sound messes up and the No, No, Nos turn to Yes, Yes, Yeses? Well, picture that.

Excellent Mom and I took the children to the mall today. I know. I know. But that is not what I am here to discuss. Most of watching children at the mall is a constant stream of "Hey, what are you doing? No. Stop that. Put that down. No. No. No. Come back here. No, you can't. No, I won't. No, you are not buying that. Stop eating that. No. No. No. Come back here. Hurry up. Slow down. No. What are you doing? Did you pay for that? Stop it. No. What a fun time we had, right? No."

I mentioned this to Excellent Mom, and she agreed. She also proved that she is more than aptly named when she pointed out that she tries to say Yes as often as she can because of all the Noing that we have to do. Sounds like a plan. And you are all here to witness my plan to say Yes to the Supers more:

Yes to trying to open it yourself even though it will take 3 times as long.
Yes to the ice cream truck.
Yes to staying up late and catching fireflies.
Yes to the pool, park, and that picnic I promised when you were 2.
Yes to dirt.
Yes to looking at you when you are talking to me.
Yes to sand. (Yikes!)
Yes to letting you walk even though it would be so much faster to carry you.
Yes to cuddles even when it is hot.
Yes to candy canes.
Yes to saying sorry.
Yes to watching Cinderella for the fourth time today.
Yes to going to church in your dress-up dress.
Yes to making mistakes.
Yes to finding you a jar for your new bug friend.
Yes to chalk.
Yes to letting you "help" even though it takes 14 times as long.
Yes to eating dessert first.
Yes to playing dinosaurs and making funny voices.
Yes to paint and not just the watercolor ones.
Yes to trust.
Yes to water guns.
Yes to snow balls.
Yes to sliding down the stairs in a box.
Yes to eating your Halloween candy any way you please.
Yes to being barefoot.
Yes to letting you lick the spoon.
Yes to respect.
Yes to mess.
Yes to singing loudly.
Yes to sitting on the floor.
Yes to crumbs.
Yes to letting you be friends with who (whom?) you want to be friends with.
Yes to not judging your grammar too harshly.
Yes to putting stickers on the wall, your face, and the cat, if you can catch him.
Yes to reading 18 books in a row.
Yes to markers.
Yes to marbles and jacks and toys with tiny pieces.
Yes to patience.
Yes to walks that go nowhere.
Yes to fart jokes.
Yes to taking your tears seriously.
Yes to breaking stuff.
Yes to drums.
Yes to dancing in public.
Yes to kisses even when you wipe them off.
Yes to bandaids that you don't need.
Yes to chocolate even when you let it melt on the couch.
Yes to loving you forever and ever and ever and ever and ever infinity.

Yes to delaying pickle posts yet again and yes to fabulous readers who are OK with that!
Yes, Yes, Yes.

Ready for church there, Super P.?


  1. Replies
    1. Yes to homemade yogurt and cloth diapers. :) Or not....if you are lazy like me....

    2. Hee hee! Yesterday, in honor of this post, I said "yes" to letting Katie push the grocery cart instead of riding in it. I'd say it took approximately 17 million times as long, but it was totally worth it. :)

    3. Totally worth it! Way to turn that no into a yes!

  2. Yes! You are hilarious! I'm a reader in Ohio...I have tried to comment before but google put my awkaward and inept skills to the test. As evidenced by the fact I can't change the spelling of awkward! I think it's my iPad...oh well...rock on.

    1. Julie, you are wonderful, awkaward or not! :) Thank you for reading, I very much enjoy writing about my adventures and antics. My knowledge of Ohio is limited to the Toledo Zoo and loving your chili, but I am always interested in learning more, since silly google is now letting you comment. :)

  3. I LOVE your blog! It is always making me laugh or is something I can totally relate to. P.S. Julie G. I am from Ohio too :-)

    1. Loving all the Ohio love!

      I am so glad it makes you laugh and relate! I, personally, think we are all a little awkward, but someone of us hide it better than others! :) Thanks for the reads!