Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Awkward Mom vs. Homemade Photo Shoots

What the Awkward?! I thought we were done with photo shoots... I mean, the awkward was amazing, but still, there is only so much a reader can take. Well, brace yourselves, Readers; Awkward Mom has a few more awkward stagings up her sleeve. No sedate backgrounds here; we are filming on location with natural lighting, where the props just might bite ya!

OK, here is what happened. We went to pick apples. Except you can't really pick apples this fall because the Michigan apple trees did battle with a villainous April frost, and they lost. Rhymes aside, there are no apples to pick this year. But we went anyway and saw cider being made. And picked pumpkins (who appear to have won their frost battle). And admired sheep. And listened to a brass band. And easily conquered a corn maze that drew a tie in its frost battle. And basically wandered around in the beauty of nature, amidst apple-less apple trees. It was a very nice fall Saturday, which, of course, puts one in the mood to try to take Christmas card photos. That's normal, right? Enjoy!

(P.S. Emphasis on the try part of that sentence, Readers....)

There are 123 of these, and if you are friends with me on Facebook, you have been exposed to all of them already. Therefore, I will only share the best with you. Best meaning the mostly deliciously awkward, of course.

 Nothing says Christmas like the back of your children and some sheep!

The true awkward way is to give Mom hope that you are all going to turn around and look at her by doing it one at a time. For 16 pictures...

Dang it! They forgot me again!

There are 15 pictures of them on this swing; Super P. and Super Baby are pretty adorable in almost all of them and Super Toddler is not looking in 14 of them.

He decides to look at the camera in this one.

And then, for some reason universally unknown, we decide that the following is a good idea:


And I didn't even bother to show you the ones where the hay ride goes by and Awkward Dad decides to take pictures of them instead. Although, I kinda get it; they were a lot more well behaved.

It is starting to look like the only way to get a decent picture of us is to take it from 18 miles away.

And then, just when all hope it lost and I am contemplating giving in to the inevitable unphotogenic-ness of the entire Awkward family. Just when I feel like an apple tree in an April frost. Then. The unthinkable happens:

At the risk of sounding like a complete and total Perfect Mom,
Everyone! Everyone, Look! Look how pretty my baby is!
OK. Great! No, wait. Does this mean that it is going to take 123 more pictures before we get a nice one of Super Preschooler? Or one where Super Toddler is actually looking?
Oh silly Awkward Mom. It is gonna take much more than 123...
Thanks for wading through our photo shoots, Readers! Check back with us later this week to hear the full tale about the apple-less apple picking outing. Anything that involves a brass band is worth the telling...
See ya next time; same awkward time, Same awkward channel!


  1. Awww...your kids are adorable :) I can't make my 2-year old to look at the camera or smile in 49 pics out 50. That's why I think the family picture from our trip to the canyons will be our Xmas picture this year!

    1. It is hard! They don't tell you that in What to Expect when you are Expecting! :)

  2. So pretty!!!!!! And such a cute expression! Sigh..
    Yesterday I took 25 pictures of Katie holding a mini pumpkin. (I counted.) Not one of them had a smile that wasn't goofy. In most of them, she studiously avoided looking at the camera. Ah, toddlers! :)

    1. They never sit still, I am sure that is the problem. And it isn't like you can take a whole bunch of picture of them sleeping because that is just really creepy.