Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Awkward Mom and the Wandering Glutton

Oh come on, we all know that it was only a matter of time before she added a food blog to her team of allies.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane. Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman. Jean Gray and Cyclops. Batman and....well, let's be honest, Batman hasn't had the best luck with partners. Maybe he does better with wards? Nope, not really. Guess Batman is destined to be alone; that is OK, he rocks the brooding loner look like a champ. Batman aside, there are many a married superhero duo out there in comic land, saving the day together and then enjoying dinner together. Crafty Mom and the Wandering Glutton are such a duo.

Mild mannered librarians by day, these two slip into nearby phone booths and become mastermind marvels who secretly save the world from boredom, one craft and plate at a time! I really have no idea if they actually change their clothes while they do these things, but I would like to think that quick changes are involved. Makes me happy.

I know that I have introduced you to Crafty Mom before and her artistic awesomeness can not be denied. Like often seeks like and the Wandering Glutton is just as awesome. His food blog is a combination of food he cooks himself and meals he has out, but don't look for any instagramed snapshots of towering burgers here. While he certainly includes photos of his own cooking process on occasion, the Wandering Glutton believes in the power of words to truly convey the delighting deliciousness of food. I could not agree more; his words are truly powerful and food is delicious. Duh. Why are you still here? Go check him out. You will sleep better at night knowing that this amazing duo is on the scene!

And yes, it did not escape our notice that this is a truly ironic ally to acquire on Ash Wednesday....

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