Monday, February 25, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Choices

Now that you have all finished tabulating your Oscar pools, we have one other item for you to vote on. Awkward Mom is workshopping in writing class tomorrow and she has narrowed it down to 3 selections. All potential posts have been edited for time and length and, mostly, striped of pictures and pithy pre- and post- narration. We don't want to hit our fellow writers with the full force of Awkward Mom's arsenal of awkwardness at once. Let's ease in, shall we? Help us pick the one to completely and utterly wow them. Well, OK, that might be aiming a bit high. Help us pick the least embarrassing one. The nominees are:

(which is combined into 1 and rant-free for class purposes)
(which still relies on that adorable W.C. Fields picture of Super Baby to end strong)
(which is cake and picture free for class purposes, don't want anyone getting hungry mid-read)

Don't like to rush you guys, but class is tomorrow at 6:30. Which one shall we pick to avoid this reaction:


  1. Well, I like all three. But #3 seems the most writing-class-ish, so that's the one I vote for. And as an extra bonus, if there are any fellow parents in the class, I can guarantee there will be some misty eyes. Good luck!!

    1. You are a mind-reader! I just printed out my 13 copies of Awkward Mom vs. First Birthdays. Sadly, with no cake pictures. But I imagine there will be cake when I get home. Either to celebrate or cry into. Fingers crossed!! Thanks for kind words, I am super nervous!