Monday, February 18, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Writing Class Assignment 1

Well, this week's assignment was to write a "I am from" poem, and you know what that means. Yes indeedy, Awkward Mom is gonna make you read it. How long is this class again....

I am from a snow so powerful that it actually shut down Lake Shore Drive, but a labor long enough for my father to go watch basketball with the doctor.

I am from construction paper and sticker books. The Muppets and riding bikes without helmets. Scratchy couches, cushions perfect only to throw on the floor for games of lava.

I am from too many books, as if that was actually possible. And endless afternoons when my mom made spaghetti and danced barefoot in the kitchen, while the Clancy Brothers sang songs I didn’t understand.

I am from composition notebooks and number 2 pencils. Agate collecting summers and lake effect snow days.

I am from plaid skirts we inched higher with scotch tape and secrets we were afraid the priests would not understand.

I am from midnight philosophy lectures and set construction and joining the socialists just to impress a boy. Impossibly earnest autumn walks, when the poetry was as abundant as the wind.

I am from decidedly not Sex in the City. Rather one amazing blind date. Wedding snow and living on love behind the Kraft plant, by the tracks.

I am from student loans, so many movies, and playing house, which is much harder to win then Scrabble or Solitaire.

I am from a late February sleet, an early January fog, and a bitterly cold mid-November rain. But what can you expect from the children of a blizzard baby?

Now, I am from endless afternoons when I make spaghetti and dance barefoot in the kitchen, while Pandora streams Disney, Sesame Street, and, on occasion, the Clancy Brothers.  
It wasn't the best poem in the class by a long shot. Second half of writing class is workshop time and Awkward Mom's turn is next week. She is thinking of bringing an Awkward Mom post, probably one of the less nerdy ones with no Wikipedia links and limited pictures. Any suggestions which one she should take?
Well Mom, it is no "I Can Read About DC Super Heroes" but it wasn't bad.


  1. It is amazing the memories which pack an impact - and show up in writing classes.

    1. Mom, get ready, I am sure you are going to show up in a lot of my writing class assignments. :)

  2. I think your poem is really cool and highly original. :)

    Let's see, if we can't have a post with links to comic book characters and fun pop culture references, then how about one of the many battles with Perfect Mom? I love those. Or, the "You Are A Good Mom" post. So many to choose from!

    Best of luck next week!

    1. Thanks! It was fun to write!

      Perfect Mom is always good for a good outing....and the good mom one is one of my favorites, thanks!

  3. Love the poem! Love how it circles around to the dancing barefoot in the kitchen.

    Not sure yet about which post you should use, but the church photo ones are favorites of mine. I suppose they have too many pictures to use for your class assignment, but I remember busting up reading those ones!

    1. Maybe I should do I slideshow instead. Of course, they might all be laughing too hard to hear my prose.....tricky..... :)