Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. the Fourth of July

Dear Readers, suppose you are wondering where we have been wandering. Well, we made a trek to the Ancestral Awkward Abode to acquire ammunition and antics for your amusement. We spent nearly a week trying to get Super Baby to love horses (successful, by the way), trying to get Super Toddler off of Awkward Grandpa's riding lawnmower (less successful), and trying to figure out which awkward relatives in the family tree really were more awkward than usual (quite a few, it appears). Tales to tell, Readers! We have got tons of tales to tell! 

But I can't tell you them right now. Because someone (cough cough Awkward Dad cough) did not download the pictures onto the computer, like I asked 3 different times, and then he took the phone that they are on to work. Therefore, all I have to show you are the ones that I already put on Facebook. Since nearly all of you are related to me and were actually there this past week, or are Facebook friends with me and have already seen these, it seems rather silly to just show the same pictures. However, sometimes awkward masquerades as silly, so here you go:

Super Baby awaiting the horse she is now in love with. 

Awkward Grandma and Super Preschooler coloring, 
very seriously for some reason.

Awkward Grandpa giving Super Toddler the first of approximately 1435 lawnmower rides. 

That's it. Seriously, that is it. Well, Readers, take it up with Awkward Dad then. Maybe if you tell him to download the pictures, he actually will. Stranger things have happened! 

Well, at least they are safe and home and having even more adventures! There have been pool trips, Super Preschooler has started Safety Town, and the time honored summer-time tradition of all sleeping in the same 1 air-conditioned room that they have has begun. So, not much sleep, but tons of adventure, stay tuned! 

This is what Super Baby thinks of people who say they are going to download pictures and then don't do it. 


  1. Looks like they're having fun with grandma & grandpa! :) That's funny about everyone sleeping in the ONE air conditioned room... I remember the days! We are now blessed with central air, even though it costs a small fortune, i'm grateful for it!

    1. Grandma and Grandpa are always a blast! And yes, I wish we had central air, but we will have it someday. At least, right now, they are small and don't take up much room. Plus, they are too young to be grossed out by sharing a bedroom with Mom and Dad. :)