Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Vacation Bible School

Despite the name, Vacation Bible School is not actually a vacation. Let me rephrase that; Vacation Bible School is not a vacation for those of us who are volunteering in the nursery, where someone is crying, constantly, for a solid 3 hours. Sometimes that person is me. 

Holy Awkward, Batman! Literally. 
OK, well, it might be more literal to say: Holy Awkward, St. Paul! 
Catch ya'll at the end of the week with the details! 

This picture of Super Baby in front of a giant intestinal tract has nothing whatsoever to do with Vacation Bible School, except that my face resembles hers a lot this week. Back after a 4-day nap! 


  1. I was wondering what it was...Good luck with the nursery! I could hardly call it a vacation but then the little ones are always so cute :)

    1. It is totally gross. The intestinal track that is. :) The nursery is tiring but yes, they are so so cute.