Thursday, November 14, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. 2 years

My sweet baby girl who I really need to stop calling baby-

Well, you did it. You went from this:

to this:

and it only took 2 years for us to learn that crazy and crabby face-making is easily one of your top 5 superpowers. Oh, and that you will probably be ruling the galaxy by next March. 

We learned a few other things these past 2 years. We learned that some babies do indeed play with their poop. And will color on the walls with it. We learned that 3 tacos can be a great way to celebrate the doctor oking solids. We learned that baby girls are full of sugar and spice and all things feisty. We learned that horse-phases can start at age 1. (We also know that horse-phases can last a lifetime, if Awkward Grandma is any indication. So, basically, I need to start saving for that pony now.) We learned that third children are indeed a breed unto themselves and will learn to open the screen door well before their siblings ever did. They will also race outside in nothing but a diaper given the chance because third children are fearless and laugh in the face of cold, traffic, and judgmental neighbors. We learned that Mommy has never seen the Terrible Twos like you are gonna pull the Terrible Twos. And, perhaps most importantly, we learned that there is no such thing as too much sausage.

I could add that I learned that I love you on a level that words do not reach and that, thus, you will never really know how wonderful it is to be able to know and love someone so totally rebellious and adorable, so brazenly herself, so entirely passionate about whatever it is that happens to be going on, so clearly strong and kind and good-natured and flexible and open and utterly fearless. I won't add that, however, because it didn't take me 2 years to learn that. I knew that the second they laid you on my chest and you screamed your somehow both joyful and indigent "Hello Mommy; I'm here!" into my face. 

I will always love you-
Awkward Mom


  1. Replies
    1. Can't help it, she brings out the sweet. :)

  2. She's a cutie! And before you know it,you will have another one to compare, and she will seem SO big :)

    1. That is a good point. :) Of course, I imagine that on some level, she will always be my baby.