Saturday, August 24, 2013

Awkward Mom and Rock Star Mom

We have more allies than the Avengers and the Justice League combined. Yes, those are different comic realities. Whatever; I'm Awkward Mom, I can crossover anytime I please. It is one of the only benefits of being awkward; complete and utter disregard for social rules.

Rock Star Mom is exactly that. Go look. Told ya. She is a working mom who whirls within her world like a Who guitar solo. She works full-time outside the home, raises 2 (soon to be 3) totally superhero children, and creates crafty masterpieces like a house on fire. She is also insanely funny and the mom who gave me the courage to feed the Supers McDonald's at the park instead of huddled down in the car, like usual. Rock Star Mom is fearless. She laughs in the face of the Perfect Moms. It is awe-inspiring, and I really don't think she is afraid of anything, with the exception of splinters. There is nothing beyond her scope; she homeschooled safety town, for goodness sake. You want Rock Star Mom fronting your band, and I'll be a backup singer to her any day of the week. Rock on, Rock Star Mom. Rock on!

We have added several new blogging allies over here on Awkward Mom. So many wonderful moms are drinking the Kool-Aid....I mean, joining the Revolution! Look for some intros super soon, but if you can't wait, feel free to peek over there in Awkward Allies. You won't be sorry!

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