Saturday, August 17, 2013

Out Being Awkward!

So, it appears that all my nefarious plans were for naught and Awkward Dad will not be bullied into writing a post. He keeps citing a little thing called "medical residency." Must be one hell of a Super Villain to keep a hero like Awkward Dad so occupied. So, no idea when, or if, the baseball tale is going to appear.

Not too sure when our next tale is going to appear, full-stop. Could be pregnancy. Could be end of summer freak-out. Could be writer's block. Could be really not sure what the purpose of this blog is and if it should even continue. Could be a horde of these villains, but they are setting up camp here in Awkward Manor. Not sure if the battle is gonna be over soon or morph into out and out war, but, either way, Awkward Mom is pretty tapped out of tales right now. Therefore, we are gonna focus on some awkward living for awhile. Back when we are back; stay awkward, Friends!

Stay Awkward! 

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