Thursday, October 10, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. the Future

As long as I get a hover-board one of these days, 
I am good with whatever the future holds. 

The world is full of folks who think the future is doomed. Who think this upcoming generation of children is hopeless and dumb and unfocused and selfish and addicted to their iPhones and uninterested in building relationships with their fellow human beings. These folks also seem to think everything is going to seed and that the future holds nothing good and that I will never get my hover-board. These naysayers might have some valid points; the other day, I did see a teen walk into a wall while texting. But I am still gonna ignore them because: 

 That smile. 

And that one. 

Because his favorite toy, and perhaps best friend, is a stick. 

And he does this everyday, sometimes twice. 

Because she can't even read yet, but that isn't going to stop her. 

Because jumping onto the bed will entertain them for hours. 

And she is watching the Charlie Brown Halloween Special 
and is deeply concerned about the Great Pumpkin. 

Because he likes the idea that other countries exist. 

Because he thought the elephant looked sad, so he hugged him.

And she would do anything to protect him.

As would these two. 

Because the future is in excellent hands.

No, I am not worried about the future. And neither is the woman who I ran into at the store the other day:

Fairy Godmother: Look at you, with this beautiful group of angels! Is your future ever bright!

Me: Yes. Yes, it sure is.

Fairy Godmother: So is mine; you should see my 14 great-grands. 

Me: I am sure I will. If they are wonderful as you, I bet they will be going places. 

Don't you guys worry; we are gonna get those hover-boards yet.   

Just because. 


  1. Very sweet. Very hopeful. The future is exciting when looking at those pictures. Mom

  2. There are stars that are happy their dust went to making your children.