Thursday, October 3, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Tearful Moods

Dang, hormones are strong things! 

My lovely loving children-

It's October 3rd, 2013, and it is supposed to rain today but the sun is out instead. I am sure, by now, you know that the weather is sometimes like that. We are hanging out at home and Mommy is in one of those moods where she takes a lot of pictures of you, hugs you randomly, and cries a lot. I am also sure that, by now, you know that Mommy is sometimes like that.

You are all so damn beautiful. And wonderful. And magically marvelous. And a million other words that I have forgotten how to spell in my awe of you. I mean, come on! This is what you are doing, right now:

Well, it's what one of you is doing. 
The rest of you got tired of taking pictures and ran away to play legos. 

Just so we are clear; I do NOT care what you end up doing for a career. If you even have a career. Who you end up loving. What you end up being interested in. (However, if it is sports, you are gonna need to be patient with my slow learning curve.) Who you end up voting for. What you end up thinking is important. How much money you make. How many friends you have. How pretty or smart or talented the world says you are. I don't care. I just want you to retain whatever it is that makes you want to play Star Wars on the stairs. Whatever it is that makes you create giant lego creations that you say are airplanes for invisible monkeys who need to get to the moon. Whatever it is that makes you patient and kind enough to leave your game, heeding my tearful calls for hugs; hugs right now!

You don't have to stay my little children forever; God knows that you couldn't if you wanted to, but please, keep that little child-like part of you that makes you curious and loving and open and everything good that the world might try to sarcastically and cynically siphon out of you. Don't get me wrong, the world isn't a bad place. It can just sometimes be a cold and jealous place. It can be a place that needs someone like you. So, go warm it up with your mile-wide smile.

Well, not just yet. Not today. Today, play Star Wars on the stairs and give your hormonal and pregnant Mommy some hugs.

Awkward Mom

P.S. Hugs right now!!


  1. Very sweet. Keep for when they are older.

    1. Hopefully they will end up reading... :)