Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Grammar

Don't fall down the rabbit hole.

Super Kindergartener: Hey Mom, I learned a new prayer at school today!

Me: Awesome. How does it go?

Super K.: Well, I forgot most of it, but I am not sure I like it anyway.

Me: Oh, how come?

Super K.: There is a part about thigh bounty. I don't even like chicken.

Me: (choking noise) Honey, I am pretty sure that is "thy bounty."

Super K.: No, no. It was thigh.

Me: No, it is thy.

Super K.: Mom, that isn't even a word.

Me: Yes, it is. It's an old word that means your. In the prayer "thy bounty" means all the good stuff that God has given you.

Super K.: Oh. Are you sure it isn't thigh?

Me: Yes, quite sure. Catholics aren't likely to be talking about thighs in their prayers.

Super Preschooler: Well, our prayer we say is better and funner. There are no weird words in it.

Me: Sweetie, no prayer is better than another one. And thy isn't a weird word, it is just an old word.

Super K.: I don't think it is a word.

Super P.: Yeah, it's weird. Our prayer is funner than Super K.'s new prayer.

Me: No, it is not.

Super K.: No, he is right, Mom. Our prayer is funner.

Me: More fun.

Super K.: See? You agree with us.

Me: No, funner isn't a word. The right term is more fun. But no prayer is more fun than another one anyway.

Super K.: Funner isn't a word, but thy is? Funner at least sounds like a word.

Super P.: Our prayer is funner! Stop saying it isn't!

Super K.: I'm not thanking God for chicken anyway.

Seriously, do NOT fall down the rabbit hole. The caterpillar will make you conjugate verbs and none of it will make sense anyway. 

I have to admit it;
they are more funner than a million chicken prayers. 


  1. Ha!!! I love this post. Thigh...still giggling...

    1. I almost drove off the road! Can you imagine a bunch of people praying about thighs?!?! :)

  2. LOL!!! Reminds me of Ramona Quimby and the "dawnzer" that gives a "lee light" in the Star Spangled Banner... Too cute, those Supers!

    1. I love hearing what they hear; it is usually way more interesting and makes more sense. :)