Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Awkward Mom and Crafty Mom

Man, 2 blog posts in one day? Awkward Mom has got to be avoiding something....does she have a book club coming up? Well, whatever. Super Mom Team-up Time!

Well, Readers, it has finally happened! I have found a crafty mom that I like! (Marvelous Mom doesn't count; I have known her since I was 5 and kinda have to love her.) Now, it is very chic to be crafty these days, I think Pinterest in and of itself proves this. Many of the moms that I know have some craft in their blood and are talented in untold ways. Just ask me about the absolutely wonderful wall hanging that Wonderful Mom made me for Christmas! No, I am not denying the craftiness of my friends, it is ample.

But go check out Crafty Mom's web page and tell me that her moniker doesn't fit her. I suppose she could have a longer title, like the Crazily Creative, Clever, Coolly Cultivated Curator of Crafts. Yes, I think that about covers it. But in the interest of time and space, we'll shorten it to Crafty Mom. Please go check out her blog and Etsy shop. Personally, I wouldn't say no to anyone who wanted to buy me some of her adorable floral journals. My birthday is coming up, you know....hint, hint.

Anywho, a big welcome to Crafty Mom. Her blog is now linked in our blog list over there to the right. OK, Awkward Mom, how about you get off the internet now, I think you might have some children to feed.

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