Thursday, January 3, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. the Origin Story

This is Awkward Mom's 200th post. So, she is gonna celebrate by posting a bunch of pictures and talking a lot of nonsense. We are not quite sure how that is different from posts 1-199, but whatever. Let's let her have this.

Awkward Dad's beloved The Amazing Spiderman just reached issue 700. They celebrated this milestone by ending the comic and doing some really messed-up stuff, even by comics' standards. I have no intention of ending this blog at post 200, and I am certainly not gonna do anything messed-up. Well, no more messed up than this:

This is the entire Awkward family, plus Awkward Uncle, at Greenfield Village's Halloween celebration this year. That still gives us no right to look as insane as we look, and sadly, it looks like the awkward gene is alive and well in the Supers. At least Uncle Awkward is actually smiling and looking the right way.

This also raises some questions about awkwardness as a superpower. How is it acquired? Is it passed on genetically? Is there a vaccine somewhere? Not sure, but this leads us to a discussion of superpowers, in general. (Heck, it is my 200th post; if I want to get nerdy, I am gonna get nerdy.)

There are 3 main ways of attaining a super power in the comics world. Within the Marvel universe, that is. (Hey, that is mostly what I read, and this is my analogy. If you want a more DC take on things, go talk to Phenomenal Dad. Warning though: there is a lot of space/alien/green ring stuff, and the talk will take 14 days at least. And that is only if he leaves stuff out.) Now, 3 ways: One can be born with one's superpower, like the X-men or Namor. Well, Namor is technically a mutant too. OK. So, option one is mutation that you are born with. Now, some mutations don't show up until adolescence or thereabouts. Makes sense to me, have you met any teenagers? Total mutants. Now, option 2 is to take a bath in some gamma rays, get anything radioactive to bite/fall on you, or have the government inject you with some superpower stuff. Basically, get someone to give you superpowers. Option 3 is to be insanely rich and just make your own, a la Iron Man. OK. Now, given all these options, I wonder which one applies to me:

Yep. I'm an option 1; I was born awkward, and no waiting around until adolescence for this superpower to show up. Pretty sure it was apparent to my parents from day 1. Speaking of adolescence, no way I am showing you anything from that time. Or college for that matter. In fact, let's just skip to this guy:

Readers, I married him. Then, we did this:

And then, we did this:

OK, well, to be fair, Awkward Dad has very little to do with that cupcake. Anyway, shortly after came Super Preschooler, Super Toddler, and Super Baby. Pretty sure that was when you guys joined us, right? Well, around then, at least. I have really enjoyed my run here on the Adventures of Awkward Mom. Enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I don't really have any plans to stop. At least until the Supers reach adolescence and get really awkward. Like awkward enough to demand that I stop writing about them on the internet. Of course, by then we will probably have something beyond the internet that I can embarrass them with. Dare to dream!

Thanks for getting us to 200 posts, Readers! Parenthood isn't always an easy journey, but with you guys along for the ride, it is less lonely, more manageable, and a hell of a lot for fun! See ya next time; same awkward time, same awkward channel!  


  1. Like the bee suit and the Ms Gabel outfit. LOL

    1. You continue to post anonymously and yet you continue to make references that only you would know, Mom. :) Thanks!

  2. Cute post and cute pics!!! And I'm glad to know you didn't get bitten by a radioactive-ly awkward spider. LOL!!

    1. I am trying to imagine what a bite from a awkward spider would be like. He would probably just fall on me and be like "oh, hey, sorry about that, leg 7 totally got in the way of leg 4, opps!"