Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Awkward Mom vs. Stats

This doesn't even warrant Mini-Battle status. Just stat.

Every so often I check out the stats on my blog; I suppose that is vain and weird, but whatever, today I did. There is a part that shows you how people get to your blog. No great surprise, most of my traffic is from facebook and my wonderful friends! But some people stumble on here through google or some other search engine. Do other search engines even exist? Anyway, here are the poor people who were clearly looking for something else and wound up here.

1. (2)
10 to 1 that this was my mother, both times. No one but a internet neophyte types the .com part.

2. toddler villain (2)
This means there are 2 people in the world who really need a mom's night out. Or they are super villains themselves and looking for tips to create the perfect villain family. Either way, hope they get some help soon.

3. wet diaper (2)
Wow. Can we say new parent? If you are looking for help from the internet with that wet diaper, you have not been doing this very long.

4. baby and mom christmas photo (1)
Hmmm....some not particularly seasonal person would like a baby and mom photo. Any photo? It isn't the best way to search for one's own photo, so maybe he/she isn't picky. Although, the Christmas part seems to be important.

5. stuffed penguin costume shedd aquarium (1)
I can only hope that this is a sea-life loving mom looking to give her child a fun day out, and not a deranged Chicago-based taxidermist.

6. super scary when you see it (1)
I'm not even sure why this led to my blog. Super awkward, maybe, but super scary? Not really. At least, only first thing in the morning. And what exactly is this person looking for? A movie? A haunted house? Just a scary item to look at? I suppose we will never know. I should hook this person up with the toddler villain people! Those can be some super scary sights, let me tell you!

However you got here, we are glad you are here! Pull up a chair, sit a spell, maybe leave a comment about your latest interent search. Awkward Mom's might have been "shirtless Jonas Kaufmann." Might have been....only google knows for sure.


  1. It's funny to see what brings people to your blog sometimes! I noticed that lots of people that come to my blog, look for "under construction" stuff. Go figure! I think it's from my blog re-do time.

    1. Wonder why they are looking for things under construction? Usually one avoids that..... :)

  2. Holy. That guy is HOT! And his voice gave me goosebumps. Swoon!

    Let's last 2 searches were "New Order Temptation Lyrics" and "How Long Do Dogs Live?" The first was due to something I saw on Facebook, and I have no idea why I needed to know the second thing. After all, I don't have a dog!

    Me, I love Google's auto-complete feature. I just typed in "what's the deal with" and the top searches were: mustaches, gluten, Santa Claus and Gangnam style. LMAO!!

    1. Is my opera obsession starting to make more sense now? :)

      How long do dogs live? I suppose it depends on the breed.

      What is the deal with mustaches? That is a very good question!